Reviewed by Dusty M. Fraser "sermonator" (Tacoma, WA)

5 Stars

I had the great opportunity to sit under his teaching for about two years, and what I love about this guy is that he is never hesitant to be transparent and vulnerable, whether it be through his writing or his sermon's.

He does a great job in underscoring the characteristics of a true man, which could all be summarized in the word, "courage." And in doing this, he illustrates the mundane battles that we face, i.e. wife no longer looks like Pamela Anderson, work is no longer fun, kids no longer respect you, college seems pointless, etc. and therein true manhood is demonstrated and built. He points out that all too often, we live vicariously through an imaginative heroic context whereby we save some person from dying, or something along those lines, but that is just an indicator of how we build and demonstrate manhood in an illusory world, as opposed to in a real context. Invariably, this imaginative world robs us of the true joy we can find in building and demonstrating our manhood in a real context.

In summary, this book was great. It'll kick your [...] by drawing out of you a desire to be a real man, not an imaginative one.


I do love his teachings as well. It is very inspiring and meaningful. Keep up the good work. - DR Marketing Group

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