Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

5 Stars

Why Guys Need God by Michael Erre is divided into 4 themes with sub headings under each. Pastor Erre discusses the role of men. Society, including the church, has produced a model image of what a man is expected to be. It is an ideal that is impossible to live up to: defender, provider, and spiritual leader; charitable, passionate, and able to coach little league. Genesis 1:26-27, states that man is made in God's image. Erre cleverly discusses equality of male and female. "For women and men to be equal does not imply that they must be identical."

Men and women approach worship differently. If you look at a typical church there will be more women present than men. Perhaps we, as a church, have distorted the lines of gender too much. Perhaps we have geared our teaching toward women forgetting that men need spiritually fed too. Perhaps we have blurred the image of Biblical males. We have made them larger than life and impossible to imitate. Many men avoid the visible emotion that comes with spirituality, they fear it will lessen their masculinity and make them look weak.

Why Guys Need God discusses sexuality, finances, and relationships. Erre backs of his statements with scripture. He neatly explains restoration, revitalization, and reconciliation. I have always enjoyed the book of Genesis ,especially the creation scriptures. My imagination has placed me in the Garden of Eden, walking along side God, conversing with Him. However, this book reaches into other parts of the Bible also, using scripture from both Old Testament and New. Pastor Erre skillfully clarifies the purpose of man, the fall, and how God mercifully offers redemption. Why Guys Need God is not preachy; it is simple to understand and easy to read. Why Guys Need God would make a very good small group study. While this book is written for men, I suggest women should also read it so they better understand the role of men.