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As I write I'm confused, perplexed, name it.  Before I go too far here, I admit from the start that this post is about me getting this out - not as much of a help to others.  However, maybe this venting will touch something within you for the good.

Vent: frankly, I'm pissed. 

As a pastor I'm supposed to be a spiritual leader.  This means I lead in spiritual things and have the spiritual health of people in mind in everything I do.  Frankly, I'm getting more and more ticked off with "spiritual leaders" who don't care about the spiritual health of people, but rather through actions seem to focus on everything but that.

I'm hearing more and more people say that they've never seen spiritual leaders actually help them focus on their true spiritual health.  Giving purely head knowledge, yes, hear that.  Putting on programs, yes, hear that.  Focusing on behavioral issues, yep, hear that too.  Giving funny messages, yes.  None of these things are bad in and of themselves, but focusing on purely spiritual issues and moving people toward pure spiritual health is too UNcommon in church leadership today.

Vent: this is what pisses me off.

I long for the day when our churches are filled with true spiritual leaders.  I long for the day when our churches are led by those who are ONLY concerned with the relationship between God and those who they shepherd.  I long for the day when Christianity has an appropriate reputation, even among believers.  Shoot, the reason we don't have a proper reputation with people outside the church is because we don't even have a good one with those inside.

I believe God wants more for His church.  I know some faithful people leading in the church today who are leading with true spiritual maturity.  I just wish this was the majority, the norm.

Vent: the phrase, "all healthy things grow" is getting under my skin.

Frankly, I don't disagree with the statement.  But, I am convinced that far too many "spiritual leaders" are more concerned about numerical growth than they are about spiritual health.  This, my friends, needs to change!  

Vent: I needed to get this out here, otherwise the next leader that asked me how "our numbers are" in our church would've surely gotten a mouth full.


Sometimes you need to vent on something in a relationship. It is the hardest thing to do, but it is imperative we do it. - Michael Courouleau

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