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Thou Churlish Onion-Eyed Malt-Worm ...

The next time you find yourself in a smack-down of Shakespearean proportions, you may want to consult the Shakespeare Insult Kit. I promise you will find this resource inexhaustibly valuable. To my friend Roy, who directed me to it ... I can no other answer make, but thanks/ And thanks, and ever thanks.

I would blog something here about the way even a glance at Shakespearean vernacular highlights the diminished state of the English language in the 21st century, but I'd sound like a gleeking flat-mouthed clack-dish. And really, who wants that?


I've actually used such a system with my Brit Lit students with hilarious results. We've found it interesting that every era has its expletives and insults. But when Will cuts his opponents down to size, he manages to sound so much funnier than we do, wouldn't you say?

The next time I'm mad at my husband, I'll just call him a lumpish, swag-bellied giglet. We'll stop arguing for sure.

I'd love to take a Brit Lit Insult Class! Now that I think about it, there are some fairly eloquent present day improvised insults on a documentary called THE HIP HOP PROJECT ... but they'd still be better if you put a "thou" in front of them!

Posting about GKC . . . posting about Shakespeare . . . now you need only to post something about Jane Austen, and I will fall down dead from the bliss of it all.

Speaking about British writers nirvana, have you seen the line-up for this year's American Chesterton Society Conference? 100 Years of Orthodoxy + "Chesterton and Shakespeare" + "Chesterton and Jane Austen" (+ "Chesterton and Pascal" -- though I only really know of Blaise Pascal through a few priceless quotes I've read). My cup not only runneth over, but my saucer doth also (and verily onto ye olde tablecloth, oh dear).

I've often wondered if there's some secret rewards program out there where you earn bonus points or air miles every time you swear. That has to be it.

P.S. Best of luck with your sem studies Carolyn.

Hi Carolyn,
I am new to CL. I have been having fun reading through the articles and blogs of fellow believers.

What a treat it was to come across your blog! I love your sense of humor and I love that you love the LORD.

I had to laugh when I read your little tid-bit on Shakespeare. When I was in drama we spent an entire term studying his life and plays. Talk about learning greek!!

It was worth the journey - I learned so much. The best part was that our winters performance was "A Cry of Players" the story of Will Shakespeares life.

Thanks for the memories. I look forward to reading more from you. If you would like to know a bit more about me, visit my web-site at

May God continue to bless you and use you to minister to those of us who covet (did I write that out loud?) the gift of music! Blessings to you, Teresa

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