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Sweet Surprise Indeed

About a year ago, the high fructose corn syrup manufacturers started running commercials to let people know that corn syrup is made from corn and "in moderation" is fine to eat, just like sugar.  I, for one, was taken aback at these marketing big wigs who thought we were all so naive that we would believe it is fine to consume. (Want a cigarette anyone?)  Since I've been talking about food in the last few columns, I wanted to share a few videos I recently found. A group of woman made a hilarious spoof of the commercial and wanted to pass both videos along for your viewing pleasure.  The first is the real commercial followed by the spoof.  Enjoy! 



Huhh,the saying of "in moderation" is fine to eat,is amazing.

That is one good and interesting video. There is so much to learn from this which is very important to know about food. - Dr. Hicham Riba

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