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Getting a Visual - Part 1

I'm a visual person.  I like to see things I know about, and I can often see things before they exist - not in a freakish way.  But, for example, I can go into a house and see the potential it has, some things constructionally or decoratively that can be done to make it better...wait, that may not be the best example.  Now you know I'm a little emo.  Dang.  Well, the truth is I couldn't have a show on HGtv, but I do have an eye for certain things, I hate dirt on my clothes, and I have a thing for shoes.  Man, I wasn't expecting all that to come out this early in this blog venture.  

Anyway, to the point.  I thought before I got into too many stories of people I'm meeting in coffee shops that I would give you a visual understanding (a basic one) of the places I frequent.   So, over the next couple weeks I will be showing you the places I go to and explaining why it is I go there.  The first place I'll share with you is my favorite, Ava.  I love this place and come here for a few reasons:


  1.  They have the best Mocha's!  They make it with real chocolate, not powder stuff.  Big difference.
  2. For whatever reason I can get a lot done here.  The atmosphere, for whatever reason, is perfect for me.
  3. They have tables outside as well as inside, so I can change atmospheres.  Plus, they have water falls, and built in streams outside so the sound change is great.
  4. Every type of person comes here.  You have business meetings, friends connecting, college students studying, etc.  I've even seen ladies come in with sowing machines, grabbed a bunch of tables, and went to town (that was a bit weird, but nevertheless it gives you an idea of the variety of people here).  But, the people I tend to talk to the most are those that work remotely.  There are a lot of them that come here.  And are more apt to get into brief conversations since they're not meeting with anyone or on a strict time schedule.  
  5. They have very fast internet (key!).

Just so you know Ava is where I'll write from frequently.  I have 5 other coffee houses I go to regularly, so I will fill you in on those over the next few blog entries.  And, from time to time I will show you some that I go to every once in a while.  There are some great coffee shops here in Portland, but unfortunately some aren't as close to home as others.  Anyway, I'm here at Ava now and I see Lou, a guy I know from here.  I'm going to go say hi...

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