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Faith is Dynamite

Dynamite faith is childlike faith.

The other day I was having my quiet time (as I do every morning), and it JUST happened to be the day I was going to sit down and "discuss" with God how He's going to provide for my needs. I mean...

He called me.

Told me to move.

And so here I am scared and asking like a little child...or am I?

A child does not repeatedly ask his parents whether he will be taken to a doctor if he becomes ill or whether there will be another meal to eat (at least, not very often in our culture). The reason he does not ask such questions is that his parents have proven to him over and over again they they love him enough to take care of his needs. It is the same with God...
This is faith. How happy would a parent be if his child constantly questioned him as to whether his needs would be met? The parent would feel frustrated and sad, perhaps angry that the child did not trust him (Billy Graham, Unto The Hills, January 29).

Talk about a God-sized punch to the face.

Is he going to take care of my needs, and will I have enough? Yeah and duh!

I was talking to my friend, Chris Tomlinson today about faith since we're both in the same boat: I quit my job last year and he lost his four months ago...and it's interesting how well we're both doing. Here is what he wrote on trust from our conversation.

That's what inspired me to write this post and even create a funny little video for you because faith is dynamite.

Maybe not the way I expected.

Or had hoped.

But, as God's child I choose to be mindful.

Here's a tribute to my mom and my dog, my constant companions this past year. I'm SURE going to miss them, but I know that my God is faithful and whenever I doubt Him I just have to remember dynamite faith.

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes

Saying AYO

Gotta let go

I wanna celebrate and live my life

Saying AYO

Baby, let's go (c) Taio Cruz


Life is really that difficult and confusing and is very tough when you actually come to a point in your life where you don't know where to go or what to do to get out of a really bad situation. However, if you have a strong faith the impossible will become possible. - Aflac Assist LLC

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