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Bono and Perspective

Reread, “Bono—In Conversation with Michka Assayas,” this weekend.  The book traces an atheist (Michka) interviewing Bono in various settings over a period of nearly two years.  A fascinating bunch of pages, to say the least.   


At the end of the book, Michka asks: “What do you fear the most inside yourself?” 

To which Bono replies: “Hmmm…Losing perspective.”  

He goes on to define this as “not seeing things in their proper shape.”  And then, requesting that he be a bit more intimate, he explains that, “When I wake up in the morning, I sort of put my hand out—spiritually—and I reach for what you might call God.  Sometimes I don’t feel God, and I feel lonely.

  I feel on my own, and I wonder where God is.  And then (pause)—again, I don’t want to be melodramatic about this—I ask God: “Where have you gone?”  God usually replies in a way that is hard to describe: “I haven’t gone anywhere. (laughs) Where have you gone?  I haven’t moved.”  Then I have to check, and I realize that I have somewhere sold myself out.  It usually happens incrementally, in tiny steps.  You never betray yourself—at least I never betray myself—in big dramatic bold moves, like: OK, this morning, I’m going to rob a bank, and find where my enemy lives and tie him to his bed.  You slowly move away from that person that is most like you” (pages 319-321).


Do you relate to Bono's answer in any way?

What might you answer, were Michka asking you the same question?


If you have that strong belief in yourself about His existence, you cannot feel emptiness and would never question if He's really real. - Mallory Fleming

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