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A Successful Pet Mission

During the first year that I moved into the Shalimar neighborhood of Costa Mesa, I bought a dog- a big dog- Layla. She is supposedly a husky, shepherd mix. Layla has been instrumental in my connecting with the neighbors. I swear more people know her than know me.

I was reminded of this last Sunday when Layla ran away- again. She never goes too far, but she is very social (like her mom) and can't be kept pent up for too long. I was enjoying the sunny Sunday afternoon with all the doors and windows opened and then I realized that Layla had crawled under the fence.

I was off down the street on foot yelling out her name. Pretty soon a kid on his skateboard came to help. Then a mom and her toddler (who especially loves Layla) headed down the alley to look for her. My neighbors heard my cries (for Layla) and came to my aid.

It turns out she was as the park. The kid on the skateboard found her and got to be our hero for the afternoon. We stood around and chatted for a bit. I was glad for the opportunity to catch up. We shared a moment of contentment; together basking in the warm sun and the satisfaction of our successful pet mission. It's funny the things that bring you together- even naughty dogs.


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I love our world- the sights, noises, and flavors of it all. I've found the best way for me to make a difference globally is to be rooted and engaged in my community. Every day is 1 more adventure in loving God and loving my neighbor.