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What does Jesus say about divorce?

Recently I had an encounter with a pastor who said that according to the teaching of Jesus, anyone who divorces and remarries is living in adultery and will go to hell unless they get a divorce and live alone. What do you think about this?

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Not what he said!

Let's be clear about one thing: Jesus didn't say what this guy said. People go to hell because they are unrepentant and unregenerate. It's not clear that someone who is remarried after a divorce can't repent, and is necessarily unregenerate. The pastor's (rather inflammatory, don't you think?) claim is deeply problematic in that it undercuts the entire basis for Jesus' death on the cross in that it makes our salvation entirely dependent upon our behaviors and actions, rather than on Jesus' saving works.

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When a man leaves his wife or a wife leaves her husband, that action hurts the heart of our Lord. When a possible divorce is in the process, I believe that the Lord is most likely ignored in that relationship or one of the parties has shut the door on the Lord. All things are possible for those in Christ Jesus.

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