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Why do parents feel so guilty when they have a rebellious child? I know parents who feel like a pariah in their church because something has gone wrong with their child.

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love-blind to the stares

Kaysen, my eldest son is gifted with Asperger's Syndrome: he has special strengths that sing a delightful duet with special needs. His heart is not rebellious, but his behavior has often been misunderstood by those who don't have the privilege of observing his heart up close.

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A little guilt is probably okay

I suspect that parents of rebellious children feel guilt for a variety of reasons. It's only natural for a parent to wonder where he or she went "wrong." We all do that (because all kids rebel at one time or another), and it's only natural to do some soul-searching.

Another reason for guilt is that other people make us feel guilty by gossip and unkind remarks. And then there's the guilt that comes from worry--worrying about our children, especially when they are no longer under our influence.

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