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Alvin Greene: My hero of the day

An unknown guy from South Carolina won the Democratic Primary there.  He basically paid the filing fee, and ran an almost unknown campaign, and by some freakish chance won.  You can read the whole story on Yahoo.

I personally love stories like this.  There is something deep within me that loves when a dude like Alvin Greene wins an election, or upsets the societal expectation.  There is probably a lot that goes into my feeling, but I think a big part of it my slight tendency towards being anti-establishment.  For some reason, I just love when someone who seems to be otherwise an underdog goes up against the big time player and comes out on top.

A bit about Greene:  Unemployed, Military Veteran, Lives with Parents, Ran almost no campaign.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention he has a pending felony charge.  

He elaborated on his campaign, "I’m currently one of the many unemployed in the state and this country. South Carolina has more unemployed now than at any other time," Greene says. "My campaign slogan: Let's get South Carolina back to work." 

Whatever his motivation, I love this story.  It reminds me of the time that I ran for ASB president at my college.  The only reason I ran was because the incumbent was running uncontested.  I ran almost no campaign until the day of the election, in which my roommate put up a bunch of random signs.  

Somehow I won.  I was not expecting it or planning it, but I won, by 3 votes.  And I voted for myself.  Had I been a proper sport, and voted for the other guy (who is actually a great individual, I was just ornery), I would have only won by one vote.

While I will not move to South Carolina to vote for Greene, I really hope he wins.  Wouldn't it be great to send an unknown guy to Washington?  Wouldn't it be great to have an unorthodox everyday person going into congress and speaking his mind in a non-political way?

It is not likely to occur, but one can dream about Mr. Greene going to Washington.  Or maybe I'm just feeling ornery again.



Election is process of selecting a person that will be put on a certain position, but most pf the time some people who want to be elected must do everything to get for that position. - James Stuckey

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