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Should Christians always vote Republican?

This year's Presidential election seems to put the topic of religion as a key issue for all candidates, both democrat and republican. I am so confused which way to go. Should Christians always vote Republican, or is it our duty to pray for and elect the best candidate?

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Our Primary Allegiance Is to God

I'm not sure if this is a serious question, or one that is dripping with sarcasm. I'm going to take it on face value, because there's no question that the Republican Party has done a great job of courting the evangelical vote. The message sent out by conservative Christian groups (sometimes referred to as the religious right) is that a good Christian will vote Republican. That's an unfortunate message.

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Bluekeys, we should never vote for a certain party. We should always vote for the best candidate. I have no problem letting the world know that I am a conservative. However, that does not mean I will always vote for a Republican (I would never have voted for Rudy Guliani). There are many issues that one must deal with when deciding who to vote for. The biggest issue is, "What is the role of government?" Once you decided what the answer to that is, it is often easier to figure out which candidate to vote for.

May I suggest that you read, "The Law" by the French political philosopher Frederic Bastiat? It is only about 150 short pages.

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