Philippians/Colossians: Experiencing the Joy of Knowing Christ
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How can a man in prison--potentially facing execution--write a letter to his close friends about his great joy? How can that same man tell a group of Christians he has never met, "I am glad when I suffer for you?" And most importantly, how can you experience that same joy and gladness in your own difficult circumstances?

The apostle Paul packs his brief letters to the Philippian and Colossian churches full of the issues closest to his heart. Combining the biblical content of a commentary with the life applications of a Bible study, bestselling authors Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz distill these issues in user–friendly portions and communicate them with amazing clarity.

Experiencing the Joy of Knowing Christ reveals the secrets behind the apostle Paul's amazing attitude, offering:

  • insights into how you can find your own purpose for living and motivation for ministry
  • practical ideas for finding a new level of passion in your relationship with Christ
  • open-ended questions that will help you apply what you learn to every area of your life

Peer into the heart of a man who overcame tremendous challenges and changed the world, and find out how, in every sitution, you too can experience the joy of knowing Christ.

Perfect for individual or group study.

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Great little book. Easy to read with questions that are appropriate and just challenging enough.