"People don't like hell!! They're not supposed to!" -Mark Driscoll
29 years old
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I'm into tech, coffee and the Bible. Don't know if I am that interesting, but hey, at least I didn't say that I'm on some kind of "journey" or some silly "quest" to find myself.
Being in Christ, loving my wife, Working (you should stop blogging and get back to work too), working on research projects, rest, and reading more than I care to.
God, Bible, Family...my not-so-secret passion is video games.
Death Cab, some Mercy Me, and some other adjectives + pronouns strung together.
Fight Club, Matrix Trilogy (yes, I liked all three!), LOTR's, 12 Monkeys, Cinderella Man, To End All Wars, Children of Men.
Bible (Various Authors), Desiring God (Piper), Vintage Jesus/Church (Driscoll), The Future of Christianity (McGrath), Christian Theology (Erickson), Survivor (Palahniuk)...
“One of the most important discoveries I have ever made is this truth: God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in him...It affects everything I do. (John Piper in Desiring God)
High School: 4 different ones Collage: L.S.U. Grad Fool: SBTS
...and lots of it.