O2: Breathing New Life into Faith
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“I see more passion for trees in the Sierra Club than I do for Jesus in the church.”How can Christians revive and sustain their spiritual vitality? International Bible teacher Richard Dahlstrom offers an answer as practical and life–sustaining as oxygen.People can’t hold their breath forever or continually blow air out, yet many Christians focus either on the inner life or on external service. As a result, their faith eventually becomes lifeless and irrelevant.Dahlstrom invites readers to “inhale” life as they embrace fresh perspectives on prayer, the word, solitude, and the creation. “Exhaling” continues the cycle of breathing through hospitality, generosity, service, and obedience to Christ’s kingdom vision.This thoughtful and inspiring description of a healthy life of faith leads to a balanced and holistic spirituality that mirrors Jesus’ life and teaching.
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A spiritual life that can change the world

As a university minister and as a person seeking to live some good news, I have been waiting for a book like this. Richard Dahlstrom has done something remarkable: he's given us a vision for a vibrant personal spirituality that is deeply connected to something much larger than ourselves. What we've got here is a theological worldview that includes us, too. Many authors have neglected one or the other.