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The Jesus of Suburbia (My First Book)

What if everything you've grown up knowing about Jesus us wrong? Mike Erre believes that we have lost the real Jesus right in the middle of Christian prayer meetings, Bible studies, and worship services. "We have never really embraced the message and movement of Jesus Chirst as a call to revolution," he writes. "Instead, we have gotten comfortable with a watered-down, white-washed, religiously safe version of him."

The Jesus of Suburbia paints a disturbing picture of an imitation Jesus many have been taught to worship, one that little resembles the revolutionary, life-transforming Jesus of Nazareth. It asks whether we want to be swept up by the real Jesus into a culture-impacting movement of God, or are we satisfied with merely living for comfort and financial success in the status quo?

But take notice: Jasus' real revolution is not for the faint of heart or the middle of the road. It is not safe and it is certainly not comfortable.

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husband to Justina; father to Nathan, Hannah and Seth; pastor and teacher living in Southern California; author of 4 books, the latest of which just was released and is called 'Why The Bible Matters.'