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One More Christmas Song

As I shared in my last post, I've recently had an opportunity to record a couple of new Christmas songs. Due to a longstanding tradition at my church, I write a new Christmas song each year (8 of those songs are on my 2004 release: Christmas: An Irrational Season). Here is a fresh recording of 2005's song: "Everything Changes at Christmas". You can download it for free at Lemme know what you think -- and Merry Christmas!


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Oh man, what a sweet, winsome song. Love your style, the spare instrumentation, and the way you whispered "Oh come let us adore Him" at the end, followed by the accordion echoing the melody, and then the cool little sleigh bell fade. I'm in Christmas heaven!

This song is awesome!! I have been listening to it all day. Thanks for the MP3!! Merry Christmas to you, too.

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