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Seize the Day

This music video is from my very first release in 1995 ... back when "albums" came out on cd and cassette (but not 8-track!) When I watch it now the tune echoes with all the voices that have told me the song has meant something to them over the years, so the memories are good. And my hair wasn't TOO '90s ...

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It still makes as much of an impact today as it did back in the late 90s. Amazing song!

I love this song and video. :)

I have been tracking your blog this past month (the narcissist in me must have first been drawn to your first name) enjoying your perspectives very much. Then I listen to your music and realize that I've been appreciating you for much longer than I thought. (I've loved this song for many years now) Making the connection has been a lovely discovery! Keep at it.

This is my all time favorite. I never grow tired of hearing it. The message is awesome. The music is awesome. Caroline Arends is blessed! Sure wish I could find an accompaniment track because I would love to sing it!

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