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Throughout my life I have spent most of my time reading, writing, selling, and publishing books. My father was a student at Wheaton College preparing for pastoral ministry when he passed away. I was just four years old. Four years later my mother married a man who owned a Christian bookstore. From that time forward I was immersed in the world of Christian books and Bibles.

My father's bookstore was no ordinary run-of-the-mill retail shop. It become one of the largest in the nation, flourishing during the "golden age" of Christian publishing and bookselling. We sold the stores in 1997, a few years before Amazon's influence, fueled by the digital revolution, became a game-changer. That same year I began writing books with a zeal and passion matched by my long-time friend and writing partner, Bruce Bickel. To say we "got busy" is an understatement. In the next decade we co-wrote 60 books, including the million-selling God Is in the Small Stuff and the popular Christian 101 series of books and Bible studies.

Bruce and I co-founded in 2007 as a way to publish fresh content from new voices in a new way. Our goal then remains the same today: Encourage conversations about faith by meeting people where they are with engaging content from trustworthy communicators. Athough Bruce and I continue to write books (although not at quite the same pace), my greatest joy comes from discovering and developing talented communicators.


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Stan's entire life has been wrapped in content: selling, writing and publishing books and resources that help ordinary people capture a glimpse of extraordinary things.