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Micro Site Changes for Bloggers

Hey Team,

First off, I understand that this transition may be a bit challenging for some of you. For those of you who actively participate on a social networking site, you will understand these changes very quickly and easily. For those who don't typically use social networking sites, these changes may be more difficult to transition to at first. Below are easy steps to get you up to speed on the changes to your micro site management. Please feel free to contact me (Peter) at anytime if you have any questions or comments (714-418-4291). Also, I am available for over-the-phone training if anyone would like to go through that.

STEP 1 - Editing Your Networking Profile: As mentioned in our second Author Newsletter, your new networking profile will be automatically created by our system. Your first step once you login is to Edit your networking profile by updating it with the information you want your readers to see. Also, you will notice on your micro site that the MORE button has changed to View My Profile. When users want to see more about who you are, they will be viewing your networking profile instead of that extra page you build.

Here are the steps to edit your networking profile once you have logged in.

When you login with your current user name and password for the first time after these new changes have been made you will notice something different. You will not be taken to your normal "My Account" Management page. You will be taken to your networking profile page. Here is how to edit all the inforamtion that goes on here (You can edit if you want to. If you like how it is you can leave it as is).

  • On the upper right of your networking profile you will see the word My Menu
  • Click on the link titled My Profile
  • Click on the link titled Edit My Profile
  • You can now scroll down and edit/insert any information you would like your readers to know about you
  • Click Submit at the bottom tosave all your changes
  • You can always go back later and edit your information or add additional information

STEP 2 - Learning New Menu Options: managing your micro site can now be done from your Profile Page (what you just created) or from you micro site. Some of the menu option you were used to still exist and some of them have been simplfied or deleted.

Clicking on My Profile in the upper right hand corner will alway take you back to your Networking Profile. From there you can edit your profile, add content to or edit your micro site and manage your networking account. If you want to add a blog to your micro site from this screen, you will notice a menu option under My Menu titled Micro Site Tools. Clicking on this link will drop down more menu options that will get you where you want to go. From here you can add a blog, add a podcast, add images, edit your design profile and everything else you want to do to your micro site. Please see the photo below that highlights where these menu tools are located:


These Micro Site tools offer a link that lets you jump directly to your micro site. Clicking on the link titled View My Blog/Micorsite will take you directly to your micro site that is exactly the same with a few minor additions that will occur automatically. When you are viewing your micro site, you will notice new menu options above the About section on the right. Here you can also manage your micro site by adding and editing blogs, adding images, etc. These menu options are the same options that are located on your Profile page. See the photo below for a image of these new menu option on your micro site:


That's all there is too it. All the menu options are there for you to keep adding new content and new blogs to your micro site. I know it may seem overwhelming, but once you navigate the site for a short while it shoudl all become clear. Again, please feel free to contact me (Peter) if you have any questions below.



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