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The Talk that convinced me to do Give A Damn? by Francis Chan

At my university (Biola), we were supposed to go to 30 chapels or so a semester. If you missed one, you would have to do make-up's by getting a CD filled with talks by speakers who had visited the campus within the last few months. Many people do not really listen to the talks, and just skim through them to fill out the necessary paperwork. I am not innocent of this, but thankfully with this talk, I really listened intently and, in the end, my life was forever changed.

Francis Chan addresses the issue of faith and how we let our lives remain in a stalemate waiting for God to give us some kind of vision of what to do next. I love what Mr. Chan shares about his own journey as a head pastor of a massive church and his challenge to just step out and do something. I took him at his word and its been a wild ride since.



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"Give A Damn? is a feature length documentary about an idealist activist who convinces one of his best friends, who doesn't give a damn about the poor, to go to Africa and live on $1.25 a day."