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Digital vs. Print: John Barry on The Radio Show "Business is Crazy"

Digital vs. print? An age-old question. Answer: Both.

I recently discussed this and much more on "Business is Crazy" in Kansas City. The "more" I discussed includes: throwing out a "crazy" magazine-industry business model for the sake of the editor-reader relationship, how my company Logos Bible Software is revolutionizing the way people approach the Bible, and what it is like to create Christian media.

My interview begins around 26 minutes into the show (26:11 to be exact). Listen to it (or download it) on the "Business is Crazy" site here. The show aired on February 25, 2010.

If you have time, definitely listen to the fellow interviewed before me as well: Dan Entwistle, Managing Executive Director for Programs and Ministries at Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City. Dan discusses how the church can utilize technology to reach the world.

Shout out to the host of the show, Kyle Holt, and his fascinating paraphrase of the Bible, The Bible in Rhyme. For more on the magazine I run, edit and write for -- Bible Study Magazine -- check out

The mp3 is copyrighted by "Business is Crazy" and its affiliates, 2010. I have used it by permission. I received a free copy of The Bible in Rhyme in the hopes that I would promote it, but nonetheless, I only promote books I personally recommend.


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Digital media is a hype and most magazine and newspaper already adapt this idea. -
Bernadine Fried

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