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Who's Waiting for Your Kids?

In a few short years, students will leave our homes and graduate from our churches. They'll head off to college. Who's waiting for them? What kinds of people will they meet? And are they ready?


When my son left for college, he was a Christian. Even as a "cool" teenager, he still would sheepishly ask for my blessing at night before he retired. He a senior at college, with a 4.0, many honors, scholarships and Phi Beta Kappa, and a convinced atheist. He has brought home every current argument that Hitchens, Dawkins and the rest are poisoning our young intellectuals with today through their professors. This is serious. JA

So freaking do something about it!
Instead of fearmongering statistics lets do something that's actually helpful.
The problem isn't the colleges, it's how we're taught to believe. The Church as a conglomerate entity has no idea how to deal with young people. They like to shove ideas down our throats and not take time to ask questions about it. When it comes to teenagers the Church should focus less on sexual purity and more on apologetics. We need to start questioning at an early age so when we leave home we have answers for those who want them. If you never question your faith, how can you deal with someone who does?

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These students need guidance as they will go to a different environment where they meet people of different culture. - Gregory J. Daniels DDS

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Brett Kunkle is the Student Impact Director at Stand to Reason. He is a huge fan of his wife and 5 kids, surfing the Point in Newport Beach, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yes, in that order.