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Podcast: Interview with missionaries from the Congo

Hi everyone! Recently I had the privilege to sit down with two very special friends of mine from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Camille and Esther Ntoto. I met Camille and Esther in 2003 when they helped lead a short-term missions trip to Kinshasa, Congo that I was apart of.

Camille and Esther are magnetic people who illuminate God's goodness with their lives. Camille is a radio broadcaster, ministering to thousands through the air waves of Goma, Congo. Esther has kind eyes and a fierce love for seeing transformation take place in women and children in Congo.

I am deeply blessed by my friendship with Esther and Camille and think you'll feel the same after hearing from them a bit on this podcast. So listen to it and be blessed. :)


Hey Carrie,

I just found your blog, and I love the depth of your articles. Good job.

Your experiences in Africa especially piqued my attention. I have written a book about my first year in Africa called All That You Can’t Leave Behind which has been published by Father’s Press. I wrote it with a few goals in mind. One, to educate the American church about what missionary life is like in the 21st century. Two, to inspire young people (or anyone open to missions work) to live sacrificially for the lost wherever they may be. And three, to help current or prospective missionaries understand their experiences and be encouraged in their calling. Although candidates and new missionaries would be the most blessed by this book, I think anyone associated with missions would benefit from my “rookie” perspective on the work occurring in the 21st century “on the field.” It’s definitely not just an “Africa book.”

Anyway, I just wanted to let a "conversant" guru know about my book. If you're interested in a copy, email my publisher directly and he'll give you the cheapest rate. We're not interested in profit...just getting people mobilized! fatherspress at is his address.

Ryan Murphy
Author of ALL THAT YOU CAN'T LEAVE BEHIND: A ROOKIE MISSIONARY'S LIFE IN AFRICA, an inside look at a 21st century missionary experience

Thanks for listening and thank you for the comment. I would love to check out your book. I find that I learn best from someone's first hand experiences. What part of Africa are you currently serving?
I love your book objectives, especially the part about learning to live sacrificially in our own communities. This has been a theme on my mind lately and I wonder how I am doing that and can do that more so, living in Orange County, CA.

I'm curious...what was it that gripped your heart for missions in Africa?

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