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How Did Jesus Become God?

How did Jesus come to be known also as God? What does it mean for Jesus to be called "Christ" and "Lord?" What was it about Jesus that made his earliest followers believe that he was divine? And what precisely is the relationship between Jesus and our world?

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Well, what do you think? How do you think Jesus came to be known as God? Was this a process, or was he known as divine from the beginning? Was there certain signs that made his followers believe in his divinity? Is miracle working enough?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


P.S. I still plan to continue our discussion of the prophetic voice, and what it means to see the infinite God in everything.

do you wish comments to be affirming, or are you ready to wrestle? is it you intent to think out loud with others, or to proselytize along a set agenda?



I am always looking for a conversation. I think dialoging with others really helps to develop our thoughts and enhance our thinking.

If you would like to, please drop me a comment, letting me know what you think. I hope you choose to listen to the audio file first though, so you know where I am at on the issue.


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The Infinite God is everywhere, are you looking? I am dedicated to finding God in all aspects of life – the Bible, the news, and the arts. Because I find that the most fulfilling journey of all is searching for heaven here on earth.