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I'm Fine With God...It's Christians I Can't Stand

Here is a podcast of a radio interview I did with M88, a Christian, non-commercial radio station that plays rock and pop music and occasionally does interviews on interesting topics. They thought "I'm Fine With God...It's Christians I Can't Stand" (the newest book from me and Bruce Bickel, my writing partner) was interesting. The host, who simply goes by "Yo," asked a bunch of great questions, including this one: How can we (meaning me and my writing partner, Bruce Bickel) be so critical of other Christians when Jesus told us to love one another. I could tell you now, but that would ruin the experience of listening to the podcast.

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You handle yourself so beautifully in this interview, Stan. I hope this draws more readers/listeners into dialogue about the issues you and Bruce raise in your book.

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Hi Stan, I am sorry to write to you here, but I have tried several times to send an e-mail to the help desk, but for some reason, it will not go through.

I was wondering how I can edit a submission. I made a mistake when entering the link address. I need to fix it so those who try to go and read will not get a "page not found" message. Not to mention my typo in the summary section. I really know better than to submit when I am in a hurry.

Thanks for the help. Teresa

BTW, way to tackle the uncomfortable!


Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I will check into this and see if we can give you a way to edit a submission, or at the very least fix your link.

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This morning the ladies in our church got together, as we always do, for Bible Study. The question that was asked was, What is God working on in your life right now? I actually dared to mention this book and others on the subject. To say they were defensive was an understatement. The woman that was leading the group said, "you don't believe anyone here is that way do you? I have met very few Christians who are that way. Most of them are truly genuine and they are just speaking the truth. People use that as an excuse to not accept the truth."
To say that I was grieved by the response is putting it mildly. Our family recently moved from California to Texas. Which is a shock in and of itself but my biggest shock was the "them and us" attitude of some Christians here towards anyone who doesn't go to church. We insulate our families and ourselves from everyone else, then we wonder why they don't listen to what we have to say or respect us.

So sorry about your bad experience Ms. Brown! Not all Texans are like that -- most of us here prefer to be hospitable and relational. I hope it doesn't give you a bad impression. I understand what you mean about the "us vs. them" mentality -- that type of attitude tends to be prevalent in certain circles, but then again, that could be said for many people no matter where they live. The book has confirmed many feelings that I've had for years but was too afraid to express and I am going to try and teach a life class on it. Have you (or anyone else out there) been able to locate a Bible Study guide for "I'm Fine with God..." book?

God Bless and Good for you for mentioning the Book!

I've yet to listen to this but I've recently read your work. And I must say, it's a fine piece of writing! Thank you very much. :)

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