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Thumbing through Bible Study Magazine

In this video I give you a sneak preview of the inaugural issue of Bible Study Magazine.

Bible Study Magazine is a brand-new print magazine delivered six times a year. Bible Study Magazine delivers tools and methods for Bible study, as well as insights from respected voices in the church and biblical scholarship. Learn more at, or click here to subscribe.


Here is a link to the video at another location, since it appears to currently be down.

How fun, John! And btw, the magazine looks GREAT. I loved Jeannine Seery's piece - so insightful. My pastor is really excited about the magazine and we're going to announce it to the church soon. Hopefully you'll get some more subscriptions from New York City!

Thanks for the feedback Christy. We are obviously really excited about the magazine as well. I agree, Jeannine Seery's piece was very insightful.

Thanks for the promo!


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