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Is the Church Full of Hypocrisy? -- by John Barry

Is the church full of hypocrites? Many of us have asked this question in different ways. It seems that no matter where you turn, you will find a Christian acting hypocritical. Are they all this way? If so many Christians are hypocrites, does that make the very religion of Christianity a paradox (any oxy-moronic faith)? And what did Jesus have to say about (and to) hypocrites? What insight do the ancient words of Christ shed upon this not so modern problem?

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Well, what do you think? Is the church full of hypocrisy? How should we handle hypocrisy in the church? Do you think that hypocritical Christians scare a lot of people away from the Christian faith?

Man! I haven't finished the sermon, but I had to comment on how helpful it is! Thank you for the insights! Micah 6:8 is actually a scripture I was looking for. I love how The Bible tears down my worldview in regards to what I think is great. It reminds of that Psalm where they say "ride forth in truth and humility". Truth and humility are not the most popular virtues in the eyes of man! Also, simply living out Micah 6:8 eliminates hypocrisy because, to me, if you are humbly walking with God it most likely means He humbled you! Truly this perpetual state, is the perfect way to live! And it shouldn't be surprising since it is written! And we love mercy when we realize how much we have been shown, this also makes doing right easier because we realize our lives are not our own. This is a ton easier to say and, though it is simple, it is still no easy task to apply for all of my days. But this does not mean that I should not strive. Maybe the problem with hypocrisy amongst Christians is that we don't know that Micah 6:8 is to be our aim. And, again, it is not surprising because it does not seem that Israel did either. Thank you again for using the insights you have been given. I look forward to hearing and reading more! I am going to finish the lesson now as well, but I just wanted to make this comment before I forgot.


Thank you for the feedback -- it really inspires me to keep on writing and keep on speaking.

Also, thank you for your insights on Micah 6:8. It is a verse I continue to ponder. Perhaps, we could discuss it more in detail on a later post.


Definitely, that would be great.


Sounds good -- it is on the list of posts to write then.

I figure we have discussed so many prophets by now (Isaiah, Moses, Jonah) in our "Seeing the Infinite God in Everything" series, why not discuss one more? Maybe, eventually we will discuss all of them.


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