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What is ConversantLife All About? - Video #3

Oh, I see where you're going with this!! There's a pattern here. Can't we all just get along?

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LOL! That was funny as crap!

I think this conversation, between emergents and moderns, will show those who are willing to listen what God wants them to do. When Emergents and Moderns talk (debate, argue, yell) about who God is and what God wants, who Jesus is and what Jesus wants, I think it opens a lot of doors for conviction. Emergents have to realize when they are being to relativistic or seceding, because God demands one truth; moderns need to realize when they are being too dogmatic for its own sake, and take Christs example of compassion and humility to heart. We need to not worry about our causes, our parties, our pre-concieved ideas, our dreams, our goals. It is a possibility that you have it all wrong, emergent or modern, and that God wants to take you in a whole new direction. We need to get down on our knees in prayer and ask God, in desperation, what He wants. Read the bible, pray, be open to the spirit, believe in the resurection and redemption of Christ, His diety and glory and be ready to say no to self, and yes to God. Amen?

I'll give you and Amen Ridley. Well said.

Praise God!

i think the rationale from the comment on this video is too simplistic and possibly even dangerous. "can't we all just get along?" a nice feel good message, however, aren't there legitimate differences between faith and culture, traditional and emergent, protestant and catholic that explain the rift and require discussion???

too simple. too wishy washy. yes, of course we should be decent to each other, however; a lack of conflict is not the same as unity.

discussion yes. just getting along no.

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