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How Do You Grow in Your Christian Life?

Ok, so a couple years ago I got a chance to sit down with these Bruce & Stan characters. The written over 65 books together, but for some reason they still wanted to hear what I had to say. This clip is from their Christianity 101 TV Series and we're discussing how to grow in your Christian faith. Enjoy!



thanks for the video.

I think the single most important thing a new Christian can do to grow in their life is to find a church that faithfully exposits God's Word week after week. Those churches are hard to find.

Mike! I think this is the first time in all my years at RH that I've ever seen you wear anything but shorts! Weird! Ü
Christy Norland

It was encouraging and sweet to hear you share with us on this topic! It reawakened my motivation to live my life as a living sacrifice, finding joy and hope in the new and everlasting life I have in Christ!

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