Lucky Rock
"If this don't light your fire, then your wood's all wet!"
30 years old
Tampa, FL; ABQ, NM; Dallas, TX
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Wrestling Great Lex Luger Talks about Finding Christ and Becoming Paralyzed

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Check out this compelling and heartening interview with wrestling great Lex Luger. Discovering Christ, paralysis and peace.

Stimulus Package - Employment Booster?

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Just how much of President Obama's $1,000,000,000,000+ stimulus package will likely lead to new jobs and how much will go to STD prevention and other programs? Check it out...
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Ministry and business marketing and buzz, including print, web, viral, widgets, and all that jazz; paid and published freelance writer, former radio host.
bible study; basketball; golf (badly); fishing (even worse); family (great at Dora Memory Game); movies (love bonus features).
evangelism; discipleship; glorifying God; family; helping Christian businesses succeed, so they can fuel ministry; sports.
Shane & Shane Stevie Wonder Haydn Stevie Ray Vaughan Sam Cooke Marvin Gaye Otis Redding Miles Davis Jimi Hendrix The Eagles U2 Seven Day Jesus Chris Tomlin Casting Crowns
Braveheart, Cinderella Man, On the Waterfront, Bourne trilogy, Walk the Line, City Lights (with Charlie Chaplin), The Family Jewels (with Jerry Lewis)
The Bible, The God Who is There, Good to Great, Purple Cow, Systematic Theology by Grudem, The Great Divorce, Prophetic Untimeliness, The Second World War by Winston Churchill
"Don't mess with crazy."
BA in Biblical Studies; some Masters work in theology
Affordable ministry and biz marketing, new media, website design, viral marketing, creative writing, copywriting and editing.