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Do you see the beautiful?

I recently preached a sermon at Colorado Christian University on, what I called, God's work to "till the hearts of believers." In it, I focused on seeing the beautiful as a way to talk about both conversion and spiritual formation. As Evangelicals we focus on the true and the good, but the beautiful is often left to the side. I suggest that understanding conversion as having our sight changed, is the equivalent to Jesus' statement that those who do not receive him have ears but cannot hear and eyes but cannot see. You can either listen to the sermon or watch it here if you are interested. If so, I would love your feedback and thoughts (I don't get to preach all that often).


If we only see the positive side of things, we would then be able to appreciate the beauty that is hidden within them. - David Slone

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Kyle is a theologian, author, and ministry director for Metamorpha Ministries. His interests are theology, spiritual formation, and community life under the reign of Christ. His passion is to help people “think Christianly."