Metamorpha: Jesus As a Way of Life
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In a rapidly changing world it is difficult to know how renew our vision of life. But that, according to Kyle Strobel, is the key to transformation in the Christian life and in the world. So how does one develop an orthodox worldview in the midst of a culture in flux? Metamorpha invites readers to look to the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and community as "informers" used by Christ to grow, mold, and form us into his image.

Rather than taking a position on what view readers should have, Strobel helps Christians use these three informers to develop a vision of life that will both guide their ways of relating to the world and weather the winds of change.

Kyle Strobel (PhD in Systematic Theology, University of Aberdeen) is a theologian, author, and ministry director for Metamorpha Ministries ( His interests are theology, spiritual formation, and community life under the reign of Christ. 

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I can only pray that many, many people will read this book. What is written within these pages is by far the most important thing followers of Jesus can focus on both for our own spiritual formation and for the collective health of the church at large.

If I were to recommend one book that sums up the way I believe we are to follow Christ to a friend, it would be Kyle Strobel's Metamorpha. I rarely come across a book that so plainly states very complicated ideas. This approachable text is enjoyable reading that provides thought provoking ideas you will be considering for days and weeks after completing the book. Of all the books on what the Church and its people should be doing out there today this is the one that I consistently recommend to friends who are looking at my bookshelf!

I knew I had to read this book when I read the author's invitation at the very beginning: "This book is an invitation to transformation...It is about a willingness to change our minds, our perspectives, and our vision of life, because how we see affects who we are and who we will become." He speaks about a journey of redemption as opposed to being a Christian who's "arrived".

In the introduction to this book, Kyle Strobel describes himself as both a "child of evangelicalism" and a "child of the emerging church." Unlike authors who find it impossible to move forward without killing their parents, however, Strobel describes a vision for spiritual formation and church life that is faithful to the best features of both of these perspectives.