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She's Got A Way About Her

Today I’ve been married to my girlfriend for 21 years. Sometime around 1 p.m., we’ll starting working on our 22nd year together. Last year, I made a Sergeant Pepper’s reference. But that was last year. So in the interest of something different, I’ve opted to list 21 ways she’s still “got a way about her” (that’s a Billy Joel reference, for those of you keeping score).

She’s Got A Way About Her

1.       Melissa loves the Lord.

2.       She makes me smile.

3.       She’s surprising.

4.       She loves gardens and the outdoors…and has spent 21 years trying to get me to do the same. I love that she hasn’t stopped.

5.       She’s a great mom.

6.       She genuinely cares that I feel loved by her.

7.       She laughs loud and long.

8.       She’s a great cook.

9.       She likes walks in the evenings.

10.   She’s still interesting to talk with anywhere – in cars, on dates, or in groups.

11.   She’s not flashy.

12.   She loves design, but has eclectic taste.

13.   She’s always thinking up new ways to contribute to our future.

14.   She’s got a great voice and loves music (we now know all the same songs).

15.   She works with me and not in spite of me.

16.   She’s a warm personality with an engaging smile.

17.   She wants to make a difference in the lives of others, but in a quieter way.

18.   She loves to read.

19.   She likes being together, and doesn’t require conversation in order to feel close.

20.   She’s a world traveler.

21.   She’s always learning and knows how to laugh at herself.

I could keep on going, but the anniversary number won’t permit it.

So thankful to still be frisky and in love. 


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Derek Webster is pastor of Radiate, a new church planting movement in Richmond, Virginia. Derek also works for a national think tank addressing major demographic trends.