Mark Russell
Create the life your Creator intends!
37 years old
Boise, Idaho
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Mark L. Russell (Ph.D. Asbury Seminary) is founder of Russell Media, author of THE MISSIONAL ENTREPRENEUR, and editor/publisher of OUR SOULS AT WORK. He lives in Boise, Idaho with his Laurie and their two children Noah and Anastasia.
Playing with Laurie, Noah and Anastasia, snow skiing, running, mountain biking, camping.
Speaking, Teaching, Reading, Writing, and Traveling
Christian, U2, REM
The Bible
"The ultimate resource in economic development is people. It is people, not capital or raw materials, that develop an economy." (Peter Drucker)
Ph.D.->Asbury Theological Seminary Masters of Divinity-> Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Bachelors of Science-> Auburn University
Russell Media: publishing and communications strategies firm.

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