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Sometimes All You Need is a Plan

Pablo Picasso, Woman ReadingLately, I've had trouble focusing when it was time to read the Bible. I realized that this was largely due to the fact that I have not been following a reading plan this year. During odd-numbered years, I read through the whole Bible, usually using this plan. But during even-numbered years like the one we're in now, I have historically taken a more systematic approach. For example, one year I focused on the Sermon on the Mount (using this excellent book by John Stott as an accompanying text), another year I used Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology and read scripture as I studied particular topics.

All in all, I have found this rhythm of Bible study to be a good one, but lately, without the structure of a reading plan, I am often prone to be less disciplined in my morning devotional time when it comes to Bible study. This morning, for example, I reached for a Christian book and then a Christian magazine before picking up my Bible. It was at that moment I knew I needed to take action.

I did a Google search of "Bible Reading Plans" and, after considering several options, I landed on this one: "30 Stories You've Probably Never Heard" from Zondervan. (Click here for a list of many other great reading plans from Zondervan.) It's a great list, and I am looking forward to revisiting some of the more obscure, yet rich, stories from scripture.

I started with Day One today, and within five minutes, God had used the passage listed (Number 11) to speak to me in a powerful way.

In the next post, I'll tell you how!



When we have plans on all the things we want to do, we ended up accomplishing them. - All State Van Lines Relocation

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