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A Psalm for My Community

Three years ago, in a very desperate place, our Mika community took a week between summer and fall to pray and seek God together in an intense way.  This has become a precious tradition that has since been part of our rhythm of life together.  This past week we started with a day of praise and thanksgiving, recalling  all that the Lord has done for us.  We ended the day each writing a psalm of praise and reading them out together.  This is the psalm I wrote for our community:

 My Psalm

I praise you God for you are GOOD.  

Your faithfulness is our shield and guide

Your provision has become our song

When we were young and unexperienced, You led us with wise counsel

In our naivete and enthusiasm You led us by your wise Spirit.

My soul rejoices in the community you have weaved together

My heart bursts with praise as I remember Mark, Lindsy, Jaime, Mike, Ernesto, Ray and the rest

I praise you for building this family

for Keturah, Walter and Carmen, Juval and Teresa, Caryn and Jeff, Effy and Paul, and Monse

You are gracious and abundant, reveaing Yourself to each generation

You have made Yourself known to youth

to Carlos, Mario, Brandon and Gabriel, Uli and Kairon, Gio and Lalo

You have shown Yourself to small children

to Jimmy and Genny, Jose and Dulce

Great are Your deeds!

You have exalted the lowly of Costa Mesa and shown favor to those looked down on

You raise up oaks of righteousness

You make a way when there is no way

You use the humble to lead the rich

Who can understand Your ways?

They are great.

You are GOOD.

We trust in Your unfailing kindness.

We trust in You to unite us.

We recognize Your truth and say, "Yes!" to Your way.

All glory and honor and praise to You

God of justice, mercy, humility, and love

We love you precious Lord.


What psalm of praise is bubbling up in you in this season?


Your knowledge, your wisdom, your intelligence, your wit, your body, your education, your nationality, your wealth are all gifts of God to you. You don't own it, and inevitably, will lose it one day or the next.-Arthur van der Vant

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