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A Lament for My Community

A year ago this month the Lord spoke to me about "Embrace."  I decided to go through my days embracing the people, situations, and opportunities that presented themselves.  It turns out that this posture has led to me having to embrace a lot of pain- my own pain and brokenness, the pain of my friends, and the pain of my city.  In learning to embrace, I have been learning a lot about lament and mourning.  In my attempt to obey the call to embrace, I have found the Scriptures rich with lament and mourning that is raw and open before the Lord.  These passages have become my comfort and guide and my permission to cry out in a world that tempts me to numb, distract, and fake my feelings. 

I share here a lament I wrote for my city:

My Lament:

God, my heart cries out to you for we are deaf dogs- those that do not hear!

You created us to be fierce for the things of you and yet we refuse to be led by you.

We were created for companionship and yet unable to hear how you are leading us to one another. 

Father, we are hidden away in secret, dark places; we are stuck in nooks and crannies hidden from our neighbors and isolated from our community.

We put up fences and gates.

We trust in liquor and chain link to protect and save us.

How long, Oh Lord, will we protect ourselves and stay hidden?  When will your light shine on us?

Lord, our lives are empty like the buildings around us- vacant and waiting; empty and exposed.

Where is the abundance you promised?  When will we know your fullness of joy?

Our heads are down.

We do things we were not created for.

We walk on in the paths never intended for us.

Oh God, unstop our ears

Oh Lord, lift our heads

Oh Father, fill our empty places.

That we will no longer pass by one another

That we will no longer walk past death

That we will no longer live in secret

But shout for joy and declare your Name in our city, for Your glory.

Oh God, unstop our ears, lift our heads, and fill our empty places I pray.



This is really a good passage. I feel great. Thanks for sharing this one. - Kummetz Corp LLC

A heroine's lament is a conventional fixture of baroque opera seria, accompanied usually by strings alone, in descending tetrachords.-Arthur van der Vant

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