John: Encountering Christ in a Life Changing Way
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Written by Jesus’ closest friend, the Gospel of John offers a uniquely up-close-and-personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Those who met Him were never the same. Nicodemus’ secret meeting with Jesus Gave him the courage to stand up for Christ. The woman at the well led her entire town to Christ despite her controversial past. Lazarus’ Relationship with Jesus brought him new life – literally.-An overview of John and it’s themes -Open-ended questions for group discussion or individual study -Personal applications of the teachings of Jesus to our lives today -Portraits of the lives Jesus touched -Helpful answers to frequently asked questions.Now is the time to study a book helps you have your own life-changing encounter with Jesus!
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This is a great look into the book of John. The author of this book really makes you think about what John was like as a person, and what it must have been like to be a best friend of Jesus. It's a very good devotional, and I highly recommend it. I'm certain that after our group finishes this Book, we will be buying others from this same series.

I like the way these authors write. They make you think - asking questions that go to the heart of the matter. I'm only on the third chapter of the book, but I'm really impressed with the format.