Invisible Children Band Tour
"We are half-hearted creatures"
25 years old
San Diego, CA
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I am a Midwest-born transplant living in the only slice of heaven on earth - SAN DIEGO, CA. I work for a organization called Invisible Children where it is my hope, and motivation, my calling, my thorn, and my inspiration to be apart of ending the most unnecessary of wars - in Northern Uganda.
IF you've heard of it, I probably won't like it......Ok....maybe not. As of right now the consistent tunes are that of Delta Spirit, Dawes, Blitzen Trapper, and Bon Iver.
Right now on rotation: The People's History of the United States.
Then in a certain sense it is nothing I shall do.. become nothing before God, learn to keep silent; in this silence is the beginning, which is, first to seek God's Kingdom. -Soren Kierkegaard
I have received a B.A. from Bethel College in Indiana in Sociology, Social Science, and Business Administration. That really means nothing other than the fact that I know who Voltaire was.
I am the Artist Liaison and Tour Coordinator at Invisible Children. That technically means I get to travel the world with bands that support our efforts.