I Can't See God Because I'm in the Way
Book ~ Stan Jantz
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Getting Beyond Self-Centered Religion to a Passionate Faith

When you hear about  Jesus'promise of an abundant life, do you ever think, I'm a Christian, but I don't see God moving so abundantly in my life!  Have you ever wondered whether you have som misconceptions about faith that could be blocking you view of God?

In this honest, personal, and occasionally humorous account of someone who is learning to see God more clearly than ever before, you'll discover that you too can sharpen your focus as you..

  • give up on religion and go for a relationship with God
  • quit waiting for eternal life and start experiencing it right now
  • relax about finding God's will for your life
  • let the Bible speak for itself instead of trying to make it say what you want it to
  • find a higher calling than justbeing happy

Could it be that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to realizing God's abundant life? Maybe it's time to change your spiritual perspective and experience God's presence in you life like never before.



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