I’m Fine With God…It’s Christians I Can’t Stand: Getting Past the Religious Garbage & Finding True Faith
Book ~ Stan Jantz
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Many non-Christians find the behavior of some Christians more off-putting than inviting. Some Christians do too! Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz take a refreshingly honest and often humorous look at some believers’ outlandish behaviors. This candid book will bridge the communication gap, helping Christians share their beliefs more freely without…

  • Judgmental attitudes, hypocrisy, and condemnation
  • Confusing mixtures of politics and the gospel
  • Defensive positions in the “God vs. Science” debate

Bickel and Jantz encourage Christians to avoid making uninformed opinions about the beliefs of others. At the same time, they help unbelievers discover the truth about God without becoming distracted by Christian behavior and unprofessional Christian media and entertainment. This passionate call to authentic Christianity will help believers and non-Christians alike move past peripheral issues and communicate openly and honestly about God.

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I'm Fine With God...It's Christians I Can't Stand by Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz is a terrific conversation starter just for the title alone! The two authors dig into the reasons why so many people, even other Christians, don't like Christians, and how the term Christian has become almost distasteful because of guilt by association. By tackling topics like the Prosperity Gospel, judgmental attitudes, and Christians who create entire lives for themselves removed from the rest of the world, the authors are sure to make some enemies with this book. But I loved this book.

In case you are wondering by the description above...I don't see this as a handbook for how to save your non-Christian friends. If you want a how-to book, this isn't it. I do see this as a book that will make you examine your heart and attitude regarding your own faith and as a result you will be more understanding of where people are coming from who can't stand Christians.

According to www.dictionary.com the definition of a Christian is: a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ. Most Christians strive to be Christ- like, but there are always those who stand out in the crowd. Their behavior is anything but Christ- like, and their action disgrace His precious name. Christianity is judged by the actions of those proclaiming to be affiliated with the religion. It is unfortunate that many proclaiming to be Christian do not reflect the compassion of Christ Jesus.

The title of this book is probably one that many people, some calling themselves Christians, some not, can echo - so many Christians can be off-putting to those searching for God, and to other Christians. This book takes a lighthearted and yet also sometimes serious look at several areas in which Christians may be distracted from Jesus's core message and may become a stumbling block to others.

Many in the world view Christians as extremists and hypocritical, based on their actions. More than not, many Christians also feel that way when they look at their colleagues in the Christian faith. Bickel and Jantz give detailed information about the peculiar and bizarre behaviour of the Christian radicals. Using humor, they address these issues with tact and give Christians a way to deal with these behaviours. The authors also address the issue of hypocrisy found in the Christian circle and explains the consequences of such actions.

   |   Book Review

The secret is out: Christians aren’t very popular. A nationwide survey by the Barna Research Group has found that very few adults outside of Christianity have a positive view of Christians. In fact, when compared with eleven other groups, “evangelicals” were ranked only slightly more favorably than prostitutes. That’s a sad—but true—commentary.

   |   Review by Jeff A

I’m fine with God…It’s Christians I can’t stand (Getting past the religious garbage in the search for spiritual truth). That is one long title/subtitle, there I got that off my chest. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. This is one of those books that can make you think, a lot. It can also make you cringe, until you get the point.

Entertaining, insightful look at what's wrong with Christianity today

I bought this book because the title reflects basically what I have been saying most of my life about Christians...the crazy one's, that is. This book is not saying that ALL Christians are bad, per-se; but SOME of them have taken their beliefs a bit too far and have remained in the dark ages still reciting the old testament but not practicing what they preach; and this book does an excellent job of putting those "crazies" in their place. I didn't find this book necessarily "hysterical" as other reviewers did, but it is rather practical and not an embarrassment to Christianity.

I bought the book after hearing the title on the Christian radio. The title intrigued me in that it focused on an incredibly important issue in the evangelical world today... the fact that we often are our very worst enemies. Bickel and Jantz lay out a very entertaining critique of the people, events and attitudes that have tagged the Christian church for the last several years- those of indignant, self absorbed, impatient, money hungry, self-righteous, uninformed bigots.