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What if someone you love abandons God? Are they still saved?

My adult son was baptized as an infant. He married a woman who was Catholic although he was agnostic when they married. She taught him of her faith and he eventually became a Catholic when their second child got baptized. They had two more children and I was proud of how he had grown into his faith. He seemed to know so much about God. However, lately he seems to have abandoned God. I was so happy that he had found someone at one point in his life who introduced God to him when I had thought he lost his chance of salvation when he grew up agnostic. But now that he has gone astray, what are his chances of salvation at this point in his life? What if he never repents? Please help me understand why he would have learned about God only to turn his back on him.

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Only God knows the heart

None of us truly know the heart of someone who has professed belief in the one true God for salvation. Only God knows the heart, and only God knows those who are truly His children. So you need to take your son at his word that he truly believes in Jesus alone by faith alone for his salvation.

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