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How Can a Perfect God Create Imperfection?

In the book, Knowing the Bible 101 by Bruce&Stan, on pages 63 and 64, it is written: “God created an army of angels…one of the angels attempted a mutiny.” I’ve always heard that God was perfect and could do nothing that was imperfect. Please explain the imperfection in Lucifer that permitted him to mutiny.

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God is perfect, but creation is not always.

God is perfect and cannot sin. And all that he creates is “very good” (Genesis 1:31). However, that doesn’t mean that His created beings (including Satan) were created without the ability to sin.

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God never created any imperfection but he gave a choice for us to choose between the Good and the Bad. This started as early as Adam & Eve were created. He told them not to eat the fruit from the tree of Good & Evil, but they still had a choice to eat or not to eat. And there began the choice of selecting between the Good and the Bad. When the bad was choosen by Adam & Eve, there started the "Imperfection". Perfection & Imperfection is nothing to do with God but its solely our decison to be perfect or not. If you are Perfect, you will be rewarded and if you are imperfect, you will be punished.

The biblical interpretation of the bible has been improperly interpreted by man for thousands of years.This has led to strife and hatred among our species leading to the death of millions.
I find it odd that people can blindly beleive in the miralcles of the bible,such as the dead coming back,or virgin births,but cant do critical thinking on the worlds more pressing problems such as climate change,pollution,and lack of health care.
I beleive that humans are a long way from having the ability to rationalize what and a creative force (God) is and how its conciousness works.
But a God that shows rage and retribution as in the old testament is clearly only an interpretation of a nationalistic rendering of the Jewish tribes of the era.
Simply put, if there is a God and it is perfect,it would be content and would not have to do anything,let alone create things bound to let him down and disintegrate.Clearly this shows that this idea of a God is flawed and most likely a design of ancient man,nothing more.
Science has clearly shown that even at the subatomic levels matter comes into
existence seemingly from nowhere and returns to the same place.The earths gravity
has gravity due to weight of its matter against empty space itself.Maybe this god,is unjudging,eternal,beginningless,endless,unexplainable energy that we as a species need to get over and get on to solved bigger issues for our own survival,before its too late.Ive been to church and ive always felt that God is always portrayed as a super daddy,someone to make you feel secure in knowing that were not alone.We are not,as we are all part of the whole creation,without judgment.

安いウェディングドレスの追加オプションを見つけるために既成概念にとらわれずに物事を考えるあなたが彼らのイブニングドレスのいずれかを借りることができる場合は恥では友人や家族に尋ねるでもありません多くの元花嫁は、この貴重な家宝を渡すために触れている。母、祖母、姉妹や叔母はあなたに彼女を貸すために幸せになるはずですベール.無料のウェディングドレスはカスタマイズさと同じくらい特別なことができますカラードレス 格安。あなたがあらゆる種類の変更を行う前に、元の所有者に確認していることを確認します。

I am not sure with this though. I think because of the sinful nature of the human beings. After we were born and we came out from our mother's womb, we are sinful in nature already. But thank God for saving us, We are already now have the freedom. - Markus Lattner