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Does God Expect Me to Tithe?

I'm in a bad way financially, and I haven't been able to tithe on a regular basis (and when I do, it's not very much). I feel very guilty, becasue I know we're supposed to give 10% or more. Does God hold you back from increase in you're not giving what you should? I would so appreciate your answer!

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Tithing According to Scripture

The subject of “tithing” is a very important one, and easily misinterpreted. There are many preachers (in churches and on television) who will tell you that you need to “give to get.” They say that the only way God will bless you is if you give to Him. Even more, they say that the reason you should give is to get God’s financial blessing.

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We should give back what we receive to Jesus through tithes aside from praising Him. He doesn't require given amount but through what you would like and feel to give. - Kummetz Corp LLC