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The Practice of Being Comfortable in Being Uncomfortable

A new yoga studio recently opened near our home. I was excited when a friend informed me about it. Over this past Labor Day weekend, we traveled to visit Mark’s brother and his family. While there, my sister-in-law invited me to attend her Gentle Yoga class. It was wonderful. We stretched, breathed and relaxed for an hour. After the class, she and I walked to the coffee house next door and sat in the sun, sipped our drinks and chatted away. I still feel peaceful when I think of that morning.

Naturally I was thrilled when I heard about the studio. Was it possible that I’d be able to experience this peaceful yoga on a weekly basis? My blood pressure was lowering at the thought of it.

A week ago I entered the studio for my first class. The staff informed me of an introductory offer of “20 days for 20 dollars.” Can’t beat that - so I signed the dotted line. I walked into the studio, Hmmm, it’s a bit warmer than I remember the other yoga studio being. Oh well, what do I know about yoga?

What I didn’t realize that I was in a Bikram Yoga class. It’s a 90-minute class that is held in a room that ranges from 95 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. You go through a series of 26 stretches, poses and breathing exercises that make you wish you were dead (well…initially). There was no soft music or an instructor speaking calmly while spraying organic lavender - only a man with no body fat telling me strongly to push and pull harder.

Halfway through the class I wanted to bail but my pride kept me in the room. I left the class with a love/hate for Bikram. It was a great workout but I wasn’t sure if it was for me. However, I hated to not get my money’s worth on the introductory offer – so I went back. The next class went better.

Today was my third try and I believe I am being won over to the practice. I can see improvement in my ability to hit the poses. My flexibility has improved as well has my balance. It’s not easy and I’m not good at it but there is potential.

We were in the middle of a particularly hard pose (I would tell you the name of it but I still can’t understand the names) and many of us struggled to hold it and maintain our balance. The instructor guided us through it and while giving us mental encouragement, “Often in life we find ourselves faced with struggles and pain. During these times we are stretched and face pain. It is then we learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Not many are willing to go the less traveled path. But those who do, find true strength and peace.”

Wow – beautiful message.

I have no idea of this person’s belief system but God spoke strongly to me during that moment. Focus. Breathe. Don’t let the discomfort and pain deter you. It’ll make you stronger and direct you to my peace.

Life offers us many choices – some are pleasant and others are tough. The pleasurable moments serve a purpose and we’re meant to enjoy them. However, some paths we are to walk put us in heated situations and give us momentary discomfort. But, if we focus on God, breathe, move forward and endure the pain we’ll see progress, change and experience the joy of God’s peace.

How do you gather the strength needed to travel the narrow paths God has called you to?

Has anyone else out there tried Bikram yoga? Any thoughts on it?


I agree of this thoughts. Life itself is a big challenge, and a game that we should play. Along the journey, we have to face problems and trials, but should make it sure that we maintain our balance and never collapse. having an optimistic outlook will help us lessen the enormity of these challenges. - Travis Jones Rush Properties

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Laurie is author of I Love Him, I Love Him Not, I Finally Love Him. She asks hard questions, and shares transparent, sometimes funny and sometimes embarrassing, stories all while seeking to find Jesus in daily life.