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Mom: A Simple Prayer for You

My Mother is one of the primary reasons I am who I am, so in celebration of Mother's Day, let's take a short break from "The Infinite in Everything" to pray for our Moms. My Mom has been praying for me my whole life; now I have a prayer for her.

Mom: A Simple Prayer for You

Love Your Son


That you know you are as loved, as much as you love

That you see compassion, like the kind you offer

That you feel hospitality, like the generosity you practice

That you experience comfort, the way you comfort others


God, few people pray as much for others as my Mother

Lord, few individuals empower children like my Mom

Father, few people care for your creatures like my Mother

Jesus, few individuals live as much like you as my Mom

Spirit, few people bring your healing like my Mother


Holy Other, we know we can’t earn your love or grace,

And that what you give is free,

So this prayer is a quiet reminder about a gentle heart:

A simple prayer of thanksgiving,

And a simple request that my Mom would feel what she offers.

Simple—from us, to you: Thank you.



I like this poem. It's something very nice to read and a good dedication to all the mothers out there. - Paul Kadri

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