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Hearing God in Daily Activities

I attend a Bible study on Thursdays at our church. We are reading through the Bible and as you can imagine, we have lots of questions. Some of the hard ones that baffle the minds of scholars, others are common to many and a number are based on curiosity alone.

We covered I Chronicles this week when someone asked the question, “Why was David able to hear God’s voice so clearly?” Was it because he and God have a special relationship or was it reserved just for David? Is this something we can have too?

This spurned talk and theories as we tackled the topic - the Holy Spirit – positioning ourselves to hear God – knowing His voice and many other explanations were discussed. But how do you know it’s God’s voice that we are hearing and not our own chatter that rambles around in our head?

We are clear in that the Holy Spirit doesn’t tell us anything that contradicts the Bible but what about the silly little things that happen during the day, like, “Should I stop home and make a ham sandwich for lunch or should I save time and hit a drive-thru in order to begin my errands sooner?

Now this may seem like a frivolous question but it’s the exact one that entered my head after Bible study. In attempt to hear God I did a generic prayer, “God, how’s the best way to use my time?” I didn't hear anything but as I was passing near our home, I felt a “leaning” to make lunch there. But I had a long “to do” list and didn’t want to waste the time “getting out of the car.” (Yep, I wouldn’t have done well in ancient times where I’d have to kill my meal first.) So I chose the easier of the two. I went for fast food.

Now I won’t go into details, though it’s tempting, but let’s just say I had a fender bender that left the front bumper of my little Subaru with a scratch and a small dent on the rear bumper on a Tahoe, meaning…it was my fault. Thankfully it was minor and no one was hurt but as we waited for the police I found myself asking, “God was that ‘leaning’ to stop at home You telling me to go home?” If I had of, I would have avoided a ticket.

I thought another thing we discussed at Bible study. God wants to talk with all of His children. Those who hear Him clearly are often the ones that are focused on Him and know His voice.

In my family life, I want to speak with both of my children. I love them equally. I can have them both sit on the couch in order to tell them something, however, if one of them is looking at the TV, distracted by it, he or she will not hear me as clearly as the one looking at me and focusing on what I’m trying to communicate.

I was distracted by my “to do” list and I chose to tune into it instead of the direction God was giving me. My mishap could have been avoided if I had focused are recognized the "leaning" as God direction. I wouldn’t have interrupted the lady in the other car’s day and I would be $85 richer.

I wrote a similar blog on this recently but the consequences were more serious Here I am dealing with it again. Maybe God is trying to tell me something. Slow down. Look left and right and listen for His voice. He’s trying to tell me which way to go.

Do you ever hear God speak to you in a leaning?

Is it easy or hard for you to trust and follow it?


I am glad you choose to write on this topic, it really got me thinking too. The way we were discussing paying attention to God's nudges is the way I had intuition described to me. I suppose I never thought of intuition as God trying to communicate, however that idea is very comforting to me. Intuition was always more of an inner knowing, but I guess if you took that a step further, where was that inner knowing coming from?

Since our discussion on Thursday I have been waking up every morning and visualizing opening my heart space and inviting the Holy Spirit in. I am hoping by this very conscious act, I will learn to hear his nudges more often. They are always there, but I just have to remember that I won't hear them while I am on Auto-Pilot.

I love your idea of visualizing the space in your heart for the Holy Spirit! It's kind of like making our heart a cozy home for Him and consciously being aware of His presence. I've been more proactive in sensing His nudges since our study on Thursday and it's made me aware how God wants to be a part of every area of my life.

Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try this tomorrow morning! :-)

I love the example of the kids dividing their attention between you and the tv verses listening to you and giving you their full attention--good comparison to how many of us probably relate, and listen to God.

I too am learning to listen to the promptings with decision making. For me, it's often just a feeling, a sense or a slight pull to proceed down a certain path. When I take note of the outcome, like you did in your example with the accident, I can then learn if it was God leading me and if so, I'm one step closer to knowing how he speaks to me and recognizing His voice next time around.

Where's the 'like' burron for this? :) Good reflection, and true to my own experience as well.


Aww...thanks Lynn! You have officially just made my night!

Thanks for reading and sending your encouragement!

Great insight Gail! You are so right. Instead of beating myself/ourselves up for missing God's voice on "this one," it's better to see it as a learning lesson that is teaching us to better know His voice.

Thanks for sharing this wisdom!

I'd like to suggest approaching this matter very seriously, as the stakes are high. It would be highly unfortunate to needlessly miss out on regularly hearing God's voice; it would also be quite bad to be deluded about this matter: to be thinking that you are regularly responding to God's voice when in fact you are simply responding to something else---perhaps your gut, your whimsical impulses, your conscience, your common sense, or something worse.

Be a meticulous observer (keeping a private diary, or a pen and a small notebook at hand would not be a bad idea). With honestly and thoroughness, record whatever "leanings" you suspect to be God's voice. Then, of course, try to respond to these leanings in action, recording what happens. Honesty in these matters is crucial. Guard against selectivity and fudging, even when this is motivated by your otherwise wholesome desires to give glory to God or to strengthen your own faith.

If this sounds like a lot of work, recall what is at stake and ask yourself what could be a better use of your time.

Thank you for sharing your insight. Every thing of value does require effort and deciphering God's voice is something I greatly value. I don't want to fudge - I want the real deal when it comes to God. Keeping a journal is a great idea. Thank you for reading and taking the time to share this with me!

Really nice examples, especially that with kids. I have a problem that am asking question on how to stop. I love God and love to be close to Him but I found out that the more I said i want to pray, the more i spend time on facebook unecessary.. please what do u think I should do.. thanks

Hello Friend!

I apologize that I missed your comment until now.

The question you ask is a universal one and something we all deal. A part of me believes the enemy uses distraction as a way to keep us from bonding to God. This can come in many forms from social media/computer, TV, work, social activities, etc. None of these are bad or wrong but if we are not consciously aware of how we spend our time - then these can easily take over. The computer especially can be a time sucker for me.

I don't have a cure-all answer but what works best for me personally is to get up early each day and spend time alone with just me, God and my Bible or a study. If I don't do it first thing, then it seldom happens. I don't allow myself to check email, etc. I just get my coffee and head to the same place and spend time reading the Bible, praying or just sitting still and asking God to speak to me. The more regularly I do this, the more often I hear from God and recognize His voice throughout my day.

His Word and Spirit then filters more into my life during the day - helping me with decisions, actions, reactions, etc. It's not a magic potion but my mind goes to God more often and that can only be good. :-)

I hope this helps you. Thank you for you sincere and honest question!


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