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Chesterton Keeps Me From Going Crazy

A business consultant once told me about 'crazymaking' cultures. She observed several corporations that posted their vision and mission on the wall, but it had little do with daily life in the company. People were rallied around things at the big sales meetings and management retreats that simply had nothing to do with the true day to day operations. What this leads to is a 'crazymaking' culture. Sometimes I feel like I am completely losing my mind as I listen to various 'pep rallies' around certain camps or issues. Maybe we live in a 'crazymaking' culture all the time?

Chesterton rescues me when he writes in his book The Everlasting Man that: "the sanity of the world was restored and the soul of man offered salvation by something which indeed satisfy the two warring tendencies of the past; which had never been satisfied in full and most certainly never satisfied together. It met the mythological search for romance by being a story and the philosophical search for truth by being a true story...." 

Stories that lead us to love linked with stories that lead us to truth are the stories that will rescue us from any crazymaking culture. If your culture is causing you to love less and lie more, either run away from it or fight against it. But, don't let the romance in your soul or the truth you seek be squashed by a crazymaking culture. And let Chesterton help you if you're stuck.



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